Rachel in Colorful Colorado 

Hello! I have no idea what I’m doing on this site, but I’ll give it a shot! 

I am still in Fort Collins and am working as a special education teacher. I work with students with moderate disabilities. It is fun and exhausting! I am finishing my master’s in Learning Disabilities in December from Michigan State (fingers crossed!!). It will be a big relief when that’s finished and will free up more time. When I am not working on grad school or school school, I am busy exploring Colorado! 

I started dating Matt a few months back and he loves to stay busy just as much as I do! I rarely find time to just sit on the couch…which is a good thing! However, this has put a dent into my workout life as I often fill my weekends with other adventures. I am working on getting my running back after foot surgery in June.  I wasn’t able to run again until early September. Hopefully things will start to slow down with work reports and grad school! When I do get to run I try and soak in the last bits of warm weather! 

I’ll leave you with some pictures! 




Update from Mary

Here’s a little update on my life lately: Rob and I got married a few months ago during a break between school semesters for me and during one of his free months in med school. Life didn’t slow down before and it certainly hasn’t slowed down after. Below is our glamorous look at our friends’ wedding this September.

IMG_1712I’ve been spending my fall in a small town in Kentucky completing my integration semester for nurse-midwifery school. I can’t believe I’m almost done…what an incredible whirlwind it has been. In between clinic and baby catching, I’ve managed to maintain a pretty good running and workout schedule. I’ve had so many running injuries with the last being my second femoral stress fracture this past January. Finally, in May, I was able to start slowly running again. Since then I’ve been working on building up my miles at an easy pace. I am still so determined to run a marathon and am hoping to run the Rock n’ Roll Nashville Marathon in April. Figuring out how to push myself at just the right pace to prevent injury but build up endurance and strength is something I’m struggling with. I am feeling pretty good so far but I’ve been contemplating if I should hire a running coach. Thoughts?

IMG_1727 2 Rob and I at our favorite gym class where I get a lot of cross training and strength in when I’m in Nashville.

IMG_1751 2I miss being in a bigger city but this quiet town with little traffic is starting to grow on me. Check out this beautiful running path.

Here we are!

Anne here; I don’t have a fun alliterating title like Michelle.  Always Anne? Anne of Avonlea?  Wait, that’s Anne Shirley.  I am still here in Lansing with Eben, our dog Tessie, and our cats Sammi, Sophie, and Tami.  I am a part-time student in an accelerated program at MSU for my master’s degree in social work in a clinical track.  We bought our house this summer, and spent a loooot of time destroying (Eben did that part), rebuilding most of the kitchen, and painting ev.er.y.thing.  I am still working full-time through all of this, social working like I do.  Eben has a license in something mechanical (auto alignment technician?  auto service?) and is working on a certificate in civil technologies.


Sophie, 8-ish years old, Tami’s mommy


Tami, 4-ish years old.  They were found 3 years ago by local cat rescue, lived semi-feral until May of this year, we brought them home in September. Oh yeah, the band aid on my hand is from Sophie biting me when Tessie scared her, and now I have antibiotics.  #catladyproblems

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Michelle’s Life in Massachusetts

Hi all!

It’s been two years and I still need spell check when I write the word Massachusetts, I always add too many S’s. Anyway, I thought I would give a general outline of my current life to start this off? We are living in Somerville now, just one more step outside of the actual city, but Boston is pretty small and we are on the main public transit line so it’s easy to get places. Our kitties are going to be 1 year old next month, we’ve had them since March. Hunson is still pretty reclusive but he doesn’t freak out as much when we try to pet him and he wanders the house more now.

I swear he doesn't always look this evil.
I swear he doesn’t always look this evil.

Freyja is a super lovey kitty now and spends a ton of time climbing all over us. She loves belly rubs and is particularly helpful with my schoolwork.

Homework Cat

Speaking of school, I should be hearing sometime soon where I am interviewing for my internship. We have a coordinator that matches everyone to a couple of locations for interview and hopefully we are selected to internship at one of those locations. There are eleven people in my cohort and two people from last year who are interviewing again because they didn’t get an internship last year. Finger crossed we all get a placement this time around!

Nathan is working as an intern at a company called 4Front. They have several arms but he is in the journalism branch. It’s a company within the medical marijuana industry, and his job is to compile the daily newsletter that goes out about all of the relevant news, legislation, etc. He is looking for work to supplement that since it isn’t awesome pay, so we will see where things go!

It’s Nathan’s birthday today too! We celebrated yesterday by going out to dinner at our favorite place, Cambridge Brewing Co. They have awesome, locally sourced food and good beer, and they almost always have great seasonal sours which is my faaaaaavorite. I also made his grandma’s specialty, Sundae Cake.

I guess that’s the short summary of my life right now!


Welcome to Cross Country Cousins!

Four Midwestern cousins, now scattered across the country.

We run cross country (and road races, and triathlons).

Every family has a unique way of keeping in touch back home. This is what we do to stay up to date with each other in our new homes in four (or more) different states. Follow along our adventures as we swim, bike, run, drink coffee, and share pictures of our pets!

~ Anne