Michelle’s Life in Massachusetts

Hi all!

It’s been two years and I still need spell check when I write the word Massachusetts, I always add too many S’s. Anyway, I thought I would give a general outline of my current life to start this off? We are living in Somerville now, just one more step outside of the actual city, but Boston is pretty small and we are on the main public transit line so it’s easy to get places. Our kitties are going to be 1 year old next month, we’ve had them since March. Hunson is still pretty reclusive but he doesn’t freak out as much when we try to pet him and he wanders the house more now.

I swear he doesn't always look this evil.
I swear he doesn’t always look this evil.

Freyja is a super lovey kitty now and spends a ton of time climbing all over us. She loves belly rubs and is particularly helpful with my schoolwork.

Homework Cat

Speaking of school, I should be hearing sometime soon where I am interviewing for my internship. We have a coordinator that matches everyone to a couple of locations for interview and hopefully we are selected to internship at one of those locations. There are eleven people in my cohort and two people from last year who are interviewing again because they didn’t get an internship last year. Finger crossed we all get a placement this time around!

Nathan is working as an intern at a company called 4Front. They have several arms but he is in the journalism branch. It’s a company within the medical marijuana industry, and his job is to compile the daily newsletter that goes out about all of the relevant news, legislation, etc. He is looking for work to supplement that since it isn’t awesome pay, so we will see where things go!

It’s Nathan’s birthday today too! We celebrated yesterday by going out to dinner at our favorite place, Cambridge Brewing Co. They have awesome, locally sourced food and good beer, and they almost always have great seasonal sours which is my faaaaaavorite. I also made his grandma’s specialty, Sundae Cake.

I guess that’s the short summary of my life right now!


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