Update from Mary

Here’s a little update on my life lately: Rob and I got married a few months ago during a break between school semesters for me and during one of his free months in med school. Life didn’t slow down before and it certainly hasn’t slowed down after. Below is our glamorous look at our friends’ wedding this September.

IMG_1712I’ve been spending my fall in a small town in Kentucky completing my integration semester for nurse-midwifery school. I can’t believe I’m almost done…what an incredible whirlwind it has been. In between clinic and baby catching, I’ve managed to maintain a pretty good running and workout schedule. I’ve had so many running injuries with the last being my second femoral stress fracture this past January. Finally, in May, I was able to start slowly running again. Since then I’ve been working on building up my miles at an easy pace. I am still so determined to run a marathon and am hoping to run the Rock n’ Roll Nashville Marathon in April. Figuring out how to push myself at just the right pace to prevent injury but build up endurance and strength is something I’m struggling with. I am feeling pretty good so far but I’ve been contemplating if I should hire a running coach. Thoughts?

IMG_1727 2 Rob and I at our favorite gym class where I get a lot of cross training and strength in when I’m in Nashville.

IMG_1751 2I miss being in a bigger city but this quiet town with little traffic is starting to grow on me. Check out this beautiful running path.

3 thoughts on “Update from Mary

  1. Yay for baby catching! Hopefully you and Rob will get to be in the same place soon? If you are thinking about hiring a coach, I’d say go for it! If you are hesitant about the cost and commitment, you can play around with some tools online like the McMillan running calculator and the Runners World free training plan generator. I like the McMillan running calculator because it takes into account the effort for each pace, so the marathon time it gives you isn’t just your most recent half x 2, but an approximate time for your current fitness level and effort.


  2. Hurray Babies! I reached out to JJ from Motts again recently about my internship interviews and he was like “you’re the one whose cousin taught our birthing class, right?” His daughter is about to turn two and is doing well, no doubt thanks to your excellent birthing preparation.

    Will you and Rob be living together in Nashville after this semester?


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