Rachel in Colorful Colorado 

Hello! I have no idea what I’m doing on this site, but I’ll give it a shot! 

I am still in Fort Collins and am working as a special education teacher. I work with students with moderate disabilities. It is fun and exhausting! I am finishing my master’s in Learning Disabilities in December from Michigan State (fingers crossed!!). It will be a big relief when that’s finished and will free up more time. When I am not working on grad school or school school, I am busy exploring Colorado! 

I started dating Matt a few months back and he loves to stay busy just as much as I do! I rarely find time to just sit on the couch…which is a good thing! However, this has put a dent into my workout life as I often fill my weekends with other adventures. I am working on getting my running back after foot surgery in June.  I wasn’t able to run again until early September. Hopefully things will start to slow down with work reports and grad school! When I do get to run I try and soak in the last bits of warm weather! 

I’ll leave you with some pictures! 





5 thoughts on “Rachel in Colorful Colorado 

  1. Yay I am glad we are all here now! How exciting that you will be done with your Master’s in December! My internship application just became available, it doesn’t even start until next summer eeeek. I am jealous of all your CO adventures, but I do like that Matt has a typical CO hipster beard 😉


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