Still no updates.

I had a follow up appointment with an echocardiogram yesterday.

I had three questions for this appointment:

  1. Can I run again?
  2. Do I still have to take this medication? (it ran out last week with no refills, so I had to call and the after hours nurse refilled it for me, even though she said it’s not documented how many refills they want me to have)
  3. What’s next for follow up – is it over, or can I least go to a cardiologist in Lansing?

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Welcome Aboard!

It has been a jam-packed month and I am finally finding time to take a breather, read all your posts, and do some last minute Christmas shopping. Part of the reason this past month has been so crazy is because my cohort and I have been applying and interviewing for our super competitive Child Life internships. After many sleepless nights filled with stress dreams, at least one panic attack over an email typo, and occasional random outbursts of tears, I am pleased to announce that I will be interning at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center! Do you know why it is called Floating Hospital? No? Allow me to enlighten you. IT USED TO BE A BOAT. About 100 years ago someone decided to take the “fresh ocean air is good for your health” idea to a whole new level. They made essentially a doctor’s office on a boat, and offered free boat rides around the harbor to impoverished children and their mothers, getting that lovely ocean air into their lungs and providing medical care and maternal education. Talk about Family Centered Care! Sadly the boat was lost in a fire, after which Floating Hospital became an actual building downtown Boston. My internship will be throughout next semester, so I start mid-January. I’m very excited and a bit nervous to finally be in the field. I’ve spent a lot of hours in multiple hospitals as a volunteer, but now I actually get to learn how to create care plans and provide procedural support.

I hope everyone is having a great December!

❤ Michelle

Running Coach

I bit the bullet and hired a running coach (or Rob did for an early Christmas present)! I’ve been debating about hiring a coach for the past several months with the idea that perhaps a coach could best help me train so that I won’t get injured. I’ve had 2 femoral stress fractures in the past and I really do not want another one but, I’m ready to cross “marathon” off of my bucket list. I’ve decided to try and run the Nashville marathon at the end of April.

So with about 20 weeks to go until the marathon, my coach is going to help me build miles and distance at an appropriate pace based on my 5k and 1/2 marathon PR times. The coach I hired doesn’t actually live in Nashville so we had about an hour and a half video chat session on Wednesday to review the detailed questionnaire that she had me fill out and so that she could watch me do a few stretches and exercises to see what kind of strength and stretching I need to focus on. The next day, she sent me a very detailed spreadsheet of my runs, what pace I should be running, and what I should be focusing on. She also has given me a few strength exercises and stretches to do several times per week. I can email her with any questions and these first few weeks she really wants to keep an eye on how my runs are going.

Hiring a coach seems like such a big commitment to me because now that I’m paying her money, I feel pretty tied to this marathon. No more excuses for me (unless my body just can’t handle it)! My workouts will focus a lot on running for now with a little bit of yoga. I’m going to take a break from tabata style workouts for the time being so that I can safely build miles without over stressing my legs.

I’ll keep you updated on my marathon journey!

Happy running,


ps- Here is the info on the coach I hired 🙂

Why I Love BodyPump

I joined the local 24 Hour Fitness club after training for my half marathon a year and a half ago. I joined so I could switch up my exercise, use the equipment, and possibly go to a group class. I was able to get a super sweet membership deal with my student discount (Hello Master’s Degree!) and started going regularly.

I had heard my aunt rave about BodyPump during holidays so I was excited to see that the gym had this Les Mills class. If you don’t know, BodyPump is a full body workout that utilizes light weights and  repetition. You workout each body part to a song and follow cues from the instructor. For example, you may squat for 6 minutes because that’s how long the track is. We do various types of an exercise and the music is usually upbeat and energizing. I would never push myself to do weights for that long independently.

The first time I went, I had no idea what I was doing. I grabbed a bar and two 10 pound weights for it along with my bench and some 10 pound hand weights. I was incredibly sore and shaky by the end of the hour and learned that I needed to figure out what weights I actually needed. I couldn’t use the same chest weight that I used for squats. However, I was hooked. I figured out what weights worked for me and have slowly built up from there. I go weekly and have noticed a change in my overall appearance. Before, I simply ran and did some push-ups and used my 10lb. dumbbells at home. While I was never big, BodyPump has made me feel and look so much stronger!

If there is a class near you, give it a shot! It takes a few times to really figure it out, but it’s worth it!


Life Lately

Sorry for the long delay since my last post- I will try to update more frequently now that I’ve completed the majority of my final fall semester of midwifery school. I passed my final comprehensive exam before finishing the program today…hallelujah! This also means that I have finished my training stint in rural Kentucky and am back in Nashville. While I have enjoyed getting to know all kinds of different people and live in places that I never could have imagined, I’m happy to be home with my husband once again. This winter, I’m doing my family nurse practitioner clinical in the area so I can live at home. This also means that Rob and I can finally get a pup! We are planning to adopt one after Christmas. I’m hoping to find a medium size dog around 2 y.o. that can run with me.

Speaking of running….I’ve been adding on the miles all fall and did a 9.5 mile run last weekend. My goal is to be comfortably and easily running 10 miles when marathon training starts in the middle of January. I still get really nervous about how much my body can handle given my stress fracture history. I also go back and forth trying to decide if I really want to risk another injury. However, I REALLY WANT to run a full marathon and am hoping that I can finally cross it off of my bucket list. I’ve been debating about hiring a private coach to help keep me injury free but that is another added expense; I still haven’t made my mind up.

As I was studying for my final exam, I was able to travel with Rob for some of his residency program interviews. I ran around the Duke and UVA campuses which were GORGEOUS. It is so fun to explore new towns by running. We also spent Thanksgiving in Oregon (Rob had an interview there and he has family out there) so I was able to run in Portland, Government Camp (at the base of Mt Hood), and in Eugene on the Prefontaine trail. Pre’s trail definitely takes the cake- it was a beautiful winter morning and a great trail surface.

Hard to believe holiday season is in full swing. Cheers!



ps. I found some new Hokas for a great deal on Sierra Trading Post 🙂