Bayshore Half Marathon Registration

We’re in!

The Traverse City Track Club Bayshore Marathon, Half, and 10k is the Saturday of Memorial weekend each year.  I ran the 10k last year, and had a great time!  Registration opened at 9am, and I was at the computer ready to go to sign Eben and I up for the half – it sold out in 20 minutes last year!

Bayshore screen.png

It only took me 4 minutes to get us both in, thankfully, because the half marathon sold out in 11 minutes!!!  I took this screen shot after I emailed our AirBnB host to let her know we got in.  The 10k and full marathon take a few more days to sell out, if anyone is still interested 😉  Honestly, I’d love to do the full here, but I don’t want to combine marathon training with spring tri team training.

I better get a clean bill of health so I can actually participate in all these things I am signing up for :/

2 thoughts on “Bayshore Half Marathon Registration

    1. It’s totally worth it to plan ahead though! We’ll also be at the Charlevoix marathon in June, which is another gorgeous Lake Michigan course, if you’re going to be back at all this summer 😉


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