Life Lately

Sorry for the long delay since my last post- I will try to update more frequently now that I’ve completed the majority of my final fall semester of midwifery school. I passed my final comprehensive exam before finishing the program today…hallelujah! This also means that I have finished my training stint in rural Kentucky and am back in Nashville. While I have enjoyed getting to know all kinds of different people and live in places that I never could have imagined, I’m happy to be home with my husband once again. This winter, I’m doing my family nurse practitioner clinical in the area so I can live at home. This also means that Rob and I can finally get a pup! We are planning to adopt one after Christmas. I’m hoping to find a medium size dog around 2 y.o. that can run with me.

Speaking of running….I’ve been adding on the miles all fall and did a 9.5 mile run last weekend. My goal is to be comfortably and easily running 10 miles when marathon training starts in the middle of January. I still get really nervous about how much my body can handle given my stress fracture history. I also go back and forth trying to decide if I really want to risk another injury. However, I REALLY WANT to run a full marathon and am hoping that I can finally cross it off of my bucket list. I’ve been debating about hiring a private coach to help keep me injury free but that is another added expense; I still haven’t made my mind up.

As I was studying for my final exam, I was able to travel with Rob for some of his residency program interviews. I ran around the Duke and UVA campuses which were GORGEOUS. It is so fun to explore new towns by running. We also spent Thanksgiving in Oregon (Rob had an interview there and he has family out there) so I was able to run in Portland, Government Camp (at the base of Mt Hood), and in Eugene on the Prefontaine trail. Pre’s trail definitely takes the cake- it was a beautiful winter morning and a great trail surface.

Hard to believe holiday season is in full swing. Cheers!



ps. I found some new Hokas for a great deal on Sierra Trading Post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Glad that you are home again! I am excited to see what kind of puppy you end up with 🙂 When will Rob hear about his residency interviews and when will you know where you get to move to next?


  2. Rob matches to a program in the middle of March and that’s where we will go. He ranks the programs and the programs rank him and there is some sophisticated computer process (perhaps like the HP sorting hat?) that gives them their match.

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