Why I Love BodyPump

I joined the local 24 Hour Fitness club after training for my half marathon a year and a half ago. I joined so I could switch up my exercise, use the equipment, and possibly go to a group class. I was able to get a super sweet membership deal with my student discount (Hello Master’s Degree!) and started going regularly.

I had heard my aunt rave about BodyPump during holidays so I was excited to see that the gym had this Les Mills class. If you don’t know, BodyPump is a full body workout that utilizes light weights and  repetition. You workout each body part to a song and follow cues from the instructor. For example, you may squat for 6 minutes because that’s how long the track is. We do various types of an exercise and the music is usually upbeat and energizing. I would never push myself to do weights for that long independently.

The first time I went, I had no idea what I was doing. I grabbed a bar and two 10 pound weights for it along with my bench and some 10 pound hand weights. I was incredibly sore and shaky by the end of the hour and learned that I needed to figure out what weights I actually needed. I couldn’t use the same chest weight that I used for squats. However, I was hooked. I figured out what weights worked for me and have slowly built up from there. I go weekly and have noticed a change in my overall appearance. Before, I simply ran and did some push-ups and used my 10lb. dumbbells at home. While I was never big, BodyPump has made me feel and look so much stronger!

If there is a class near you, give it a shot! It takes a few times to really figure it out, but it’s worth it!


One thought on “Why I Love BodyPump

  1. Sounds awesome! I remember my mom did BodyPump a lot. MSU has graduate fitness classes but none of them fit in my schedule right now. I’d really like to find a strength training class to do though!


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