Still no updates.

I had a follow up appointment with an echocardiogram yesterday.

I had three questions for this appointment:

  1. Can I run again?
  2. Do I still have to take this medication? (it ran out last week with no refills, so I had to call and the after hours nurse refilled it for me, even though she said it’s not documented how many refills they want me to have)
  3. What’s next for follow up – is it over, or can I least go to a cardiologist in Lansing?

The last time I had an echo, in the hospital, the doctor was in my room next to the tech who was doing the echo, so he was reading it at the time it was happening, asking the tech to do one spot over again, etc.  So, silly me, I thought if I drive all the way from Lansing to Ypsi for an echo, the doctor or NP is at least going to be able to meet with me and tell me what the echo says, right?

Nope.  At least the tech was friendly.  The echo “will be read in the next few days, call in a week if you don’t hear anything.”

So as far as I know, with no questions answered, I am still limited to just walking, no strenuous activity.  I am going a little crazy here and I am frustrated that I don’t have any answers.

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