January in Colorful CO

Happy last day of January!

January used to be my least favorite month of the year. It is always so gray and seems to drag on forever. However, this January was a great start to 2016. It was filled with a lot of adventures and fun! Here’s a quick recap:

New Years: We started out in Denver for New Years Eve with friends. It was great to catch up and was one of the best New Years to date. The place we went wasn’t too crowded and had great music. We then headed up to the mountains to play for a long weekend. I snowshoed on Saturday and went snowmobiling Sunday. I had never snowmobiled before by of course my adventurous boyfriend insisted it would be a great time…and it was! It was a lot less scary than I thought and it was a beautiful way to explore the mountains. IMG_1286

Back country Skiing:

We grew up taking cross country ski lessons and skiing with our parents, however I had never gone back country skiing. We rented some cross country skis and drove up the Poudre Canyon and went skiing. It was SOOO pretty and fun! There were no groomed trails so you just went on the snow covered trail. I think I enjoyed it more than snowshoeing. We covered about 6 miles on our skis. On the way back the weather got a little dicey! The temps dropped and the wind picked up which created a lot of blowing snow. I was not dressed appropriately and Matt broke a ski, but we survived!


Courage to Risk Conference:

Last weekend, I was able to attend the Courage to Risk Conference in Colorado Springs with some girls from work. This is a special education conference held at the Broadmoor Hotel. The hotel/grounds were beautiful and the conference had great topics! I think we will try to go again next year. It was a nice change of pace and was a refreshing start to the new semester.


Lastly, the month ended by staying in town and enjoying some of the local breweries. We had planned to go skiing this weekend but are supposed to get a huge storm today. I didn’t want to be stuck in the mountains or traffic, so we decided we would wait until next weekend. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to get out and ski before I forgot all my tips from my lessons in Michigan. However, this ended up being a great way to end a busy month. The weather was really nice on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We decided to take our bikes out for a spin around town. However, the snow started around 6, so we took a cab home! We covered around 11 miles. It was so nice to be outside and enjoy the warmish temps!

P.S.: My roommate last year found that cruiser in the dumpster at our apartment. We washed it and gave it a little TLC. IMG_1366

Workouts: I’ve been much more consistent with working out now that I’m finished with grad school. I’ve been going to Bodypump one time per week and am trying to get back into running. I can run about 2 miles now. I just got a new pair of running shoes and they are oh so pretty. 🙂


Xoxo Rachel




Marathon Training, Arlo, Clinic Work

Marathon Training: Not too much excitement happening around here recently, which is a good thing! I’m still working with my running coach and every week that I complete injury free amazes me (knock on wood). I’ve been feeling really great with where my training is at and how my runs have been feeling. In addition to making it through my runs, I have really been enjoying them. No marathon burn out for me yet. My friend Lindsay and I have actually decided to run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati because Lindsay can’t make it for the Nashville race. Flying Pig is only a day after the Nashville race which I was planning on so I don’t need to make any big training changes.

Arlo: Arlo’s personality comes out more and more everyday and he has become so much more comfortable over the past month that we’ve had him. Arlo has his first training class this afternoon.  While overall, he is a pretty well behaved pup, there are some things we need to work on (ie. barking meanly at other dogs when they walk by). The poor pup also has to have his back molar removed on Monday. How I love him though…it breaks my heart to think about him in his little kennel at the humane society.

Clinic: I’m plugging away at a really lovely primary care clinic this semester. No calls and daytime hours are definitely nice, although I do really miss birth and midwifery care! The transition to this clinic has been really easy and I’m grateful for the additional experience.

That’s all of the news I have for now! Off to run 14 miles 🙂

New Semester, New Goals

Today was my first day of internship! Today and tomorrow are mostly going over orientation materials, getting the lay of the land, and settling in. So far so good, it seems like the internship will have the right mix of structured time/tasks and independence for me to learn and grow. I’m anticipating a busy semester but I think it will be manageable.

I quit my job at the childcare center to make space for the internship, and though I intend to go back over the summer it was a little sad saying goodbye. I worked pretty  hard with a some of those students and am sad to no longer be their to work on their goals and watch them grow. I guess it’s time to work on my own goals and growth now!

Speaking of goals, I recently started a youtube yoga series! I’m doing the 3o Days of Yoga from Yoga with Adriene. I’m not doing it every day because I think I would lose steam on it and just don’t want to over commit. Realistic goals. So currently my plan is to do it four days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday. Tuesday is my day off from internship so Thursday will be the only day that I will have to commit to coming home from the hospital and pulling out my mat. That said, it was kind of nice to come home from my first day at the hospital and take some time to myself, do my yoga and get my mind calm and organized before word vomiting about my day to Nathan.

Current/Semester Goals:

  • Yoga with Adriene 4x per week
  • Daily notes/journals about my internship
    • We have to turn in weekly journals, but I’m afraid that at the end of a busy week I wont remember enough details to write in depth. To help organize my thoughts I’m going to commit to writing at least a few notes every day. Today I did that on the train on my way home, which I think will be a nice routine.
  • Be honest with myself about my professional growth and actively seek opportunities to branch out and strengthen my weak spots.

Acceptance and waiting

“Accepting where you are is not the same as settling.” -Lauren Fleshman

I started writing this last weekend, after an appointment with my cardiologist here in Lansing.  I had a whole big thing of feeling sad about the irony that is my heart being damaged by something that is supposed to keep me healthy – but I’m gonna delete it all, and start over.

The short version is, the EKG and echo didn’t show any change from the previous appointment in December.  The result is another appointment in March, and continued orders of no exercise till then.  But I can walk.  So I went to the indoor track at the Y and walked in circles (ovals?) for 20 minutes, which seems to be my activity threshold for right now.

I emailed my tri coaches and withdrew from the tri team training at the Y. 😥  I am signed up for the Bayshore Half Marathon on May 28 and Ludington Triathlon on August 21, but I am going to have to accept that there’s no way to know when I’ll be able to train again, so I am not signing up for anything else until I know for sure I am back at normal capacity.

So here’s what I’m doing to fill my time:


Keep up on my grad reading, not just skimming or skipping chapters

Read more books for fun, and keep a list of 2016

Cook – I actually really like cooking when I am not pressed for time…baking is a different story.  I melted some cookies today.

Get back into art – there’s a studio nearby with open nights on the wheel, I have a friend with a wheel and a kiln, I’ve still got all of my drawing and painting supplies

Meet Arlo

In December, I was hoping to start a blogging pattern…but that didn’t happen. Perhaps, I will make it a New Year resolution to blog weekly. But, on to more important matters….

IMG_1935 2

Arlo joined our family on December 29. We adopted him from the humane society for a whopping $45. He had been at the humane society for about 10 days before we adopted him. The poor pup was found as a “stray” so they couldn’t tell us much about him. We were a bit worried that they couldn’t tell us about his habits but he was so sweet, I couldn’t leave without him. The vet at the shelter thinks he is about 5.5 years old (they can approximately tell by looking at his teeth) and is a terrier/schnauzer mix. So far, he appears to be house broken. We are working on teaching him some basic commands and getting him to know his name. I signed up for beginners obedience training at Petsmart which will start at the end of January to help as well. His personality comes out more and more everyday; overall he has been really well behaved. Arlo does bark quite a bit when we are gone which is the biggest issue right now.

IMG_1937 2
Arlo’s favorite spot and position (he has some cat-like qualities)

I’m also hoping to get Arlo to become a better running buddy. He can only run about 2.5 miles right now….with a little walk break in the middle. The little guy needs a running program 🙂

IMG_1940 2
Arlo post run.

Stay tuned for more Arlo updates.


Mary and Arlo