Marathon Training, Arlo, Clinic Work

Marathon Training: Not too much excitement happening around here recently, which is a good thing! I’m still working with my running coach and every week that I complete injury free amazes me (knock on wood). I’ve been feeling really great with where my training is at and how my runs have been feeling. In addition to making it through my runs, I have really been enjoying them. No marathon burn out for me yet. My friend Lindsay and I have actually decided to run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati because Lindsay can’t make it for the Nashville race. Flying Pig is only a day after the Nashville race which I was planning on so I don’t need to make any big training changes.

Arlo: Arlo’s personality comes out more and more everyday and he has become so much more comfortable over the past month that we’ve had him. Arlo has his first training class this afternoon.  While overall, he is a pretty well behaved pup, there are some things we need to work on (ie. barking meanly at other dogs when they walk by). The poor pup also has to have his back molar removed on Monday. How I love him though…it breaks my heart to think about him in his little kennel at the humane society.

Clinic: I’m plugging away at a really lovely primary care clinic this semester. No calls and daytime hours are definitely nice, although I do really miss birth and midwifery care! The transition to this clinic has been really easy and I’m grateful for the additional experience.

That’s all of the news I have for now! Off to run 14 miles 🙂

6 thoughts on “Marathon Training, Arlo, Clinic Work

  1. New pet ownership is so fun, we still see progress and changes with our cats and we’ve almost had them for a year now! I love his little Michigan sweater. Is that the yellow ribbon on his leash that I keep hearing about via Facebook? Do people tend to know what it means and respect it?


    1. I’ve seen things on facebook about color-coded leashes or tying a ribbon on a leash to signify that your dog is nervous around other dogs. I thought maybe you did it because you mentioned he barks a lot at other dogs. I have no idea how widespread it is or if people really know about it, but it was going around facebook in the last few months.

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  2. Here’s an article on it.

    But then here is another article discussing the problems with labeling your dog as potentially aggressive because it might put you at fault if the dog attacked someone or something, because you knew your dog was problematic. It isn’t supposed to be a warning about a dangerous dog, just a “please don’t come running at us unexpectedly or get in my dog’s face,” but I guess it legally could be interpreted differently.

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  3. I love all the pictures of Arlo, he looks so much more comfortable (and clean LOL). Great job with marathon training! I’ve had several friends do Flying Pig and they really enjoyed it.


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