Midterm Madness (featuring a leisurely spring break)

This past week was spring break, which I spent at home with my cats (duh). I did a fair amount of homework, etc, but didn’t have to go in to my internship at all. So instead of being at the hospital every day I…




Hid under blankets


Did Yoga

(done with 30 Days of Yoga and on to Adriene’s Yoga Camp videos!)

Sewed a shirt

(while watching an entire season of Alias)




Wore this tank top way too many times

Put the deck furniture back out


And broadened Hunson’s literary horizons


This has been an episode of Michelle’s life in pictures. Tune in next time for an exciting glimpse of Internship Applications (that’s right folks, fall internship slots are filling fast!), Birthday Shenanigans (will Michelle ever pick a restaurant for birthday dinner? But what if she wants birthday brunch? How will she ever decide??), and our fan favorite: What Non-Food Item are the Cats Trying to Eat Now? (will Hunson find a cardboard box to rip to shreds with his teeth? Will Freyja ever find a snack tastier than Michelle’s hair at 5am when she is trying to sleep? Just what decadent treats are the humans hiding in the bathroom trash can?)

Marathon training restart

Well February was a messy month. The first week of February I started getting pain in my right thigh when running and of course, I got worried. After having 2 previous stress fractures in my left femur, I was convinced that I had yet another stress fracture. This left me feeling so frustrated. With the encouragement of my running coach, I went to see my sports med doctor in the middle of February and he ordered an MRI. I debated not even going to this appointment because I’ve gone through this before and feel like I can self-diagnose and treat myself. But, I went. I had to wait a whole week to go see the doctor again and discuss my MRI results. In this time, my leg was feeling quite a bit better and I had picked up running but was just keeping my miles low (like 7 miles/week). By the time I went to my appointment, I was starting to wonder if I made the whole right leg pain thing up in my head. Turns out….maybe I did. There were no signs of a stress fracture in either of my femurs or my pelvis. WHAT A RELIEF. However, I was also frustrated because I just missed 3 weeks of marathon training. Thankfully, I have a running coach, who makes figuring out how to return to marathon training after a 3 week hiatus a whole lot less stressful. I did my first “long” run since the end of January (14 miler then) last weekend and clocked 8 miles. This weekend, I will run 10 and we will continue to ramp up the mileage a little faster than planned with an emphasis on “slow and steady” pacing. If things start to flare up, I might just have to sit this marathon out. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get back into the swing of things within the next few weeks and still make it through the marathon. With a bigger perspective, I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep moving forward¬†and enjoyed increasing my yoga practice in February. Also, I keep reminding myself, that I am not defined by my physical accomplishments, and if I have to let this go, then I will.



ps- I only take pictures of Arlo these days. He says HI!