Good news from happy heart land

When/if this is all over someday, I’ll write a Masterpost of Myocarditis. For now, here’s a quick update. Spoiler alert, it’s good news!

Late in July I had an appointment with my cardiologist. I didn’t expect anything from this appointment, mostly just a check-in. I had an EKG, she listened to my heart, talked about my symptoms, and scheduled an echo and another appointment.

Last week Two weeks ago was the echo, which is always interesting. I really like the tech at my doctor’s office, and she always answers my questions when I ask what I’m looking at on the screen. I had some PVCs (or bigeminy, it feels like my heart is skipping a beat every other beat, to us non-medical folk, resulting in a pounding-heart type of feeling) while laying on the table, which I think happens because I was laying on my left side and my heart just doesn’t seem to like that, but the tech was able to see them and get some good pictures. Otherwise, she pointed out some things that look good, and there were even points during the echo that she saw my ejection fraction up to 60%!!! Remember that’s the amount of blood your heart pumps out each beat. When I was in the hospital, it was maybe 50, more severe cases it can get down to 30s or 40s, and normal is 55-60%.

Today Last week (I get all excited an start a draft and then forget to finish it) was the follow-up cardiologist’s appointment after the echo. Doctor said that yes, my ejection fraction is back up to 60%, and the damaged parts of my heart that were not contracting with each beat are also back to normal and my heart looks like it is beating normally. This is all really good! She said some other things about the very minor mitral valve prolapse, but I’ll try to remember that for a Myocarditis Masterpost someday.

Next steps: start cutting my meds in half (literally, I just get the same pills and chop them in half), and I’m allowed to start walking longer/more “briskly”. She said I could also start running 1-2 very easy miles, but she’d like to wait until a stress test to make sure we have an accurate baseline. Stress test on the treadmill scheduled for September 29 AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED TO RUN ON A TREADMILL.

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