October Catch Up

Happy Fall! Thought I would write a post to catch you up on random life happenings.


  1. Work- I started my job and I’ve been at it for 5 weeks now! I went from having endless amounts of free time, getting lots of sleep, and exercising all of the time to just about the exact opposite…but I’m okay with that. I see clients in the office for prenatal visits (mostly) about 1-3 days per week and then am on call for about 36 hours per week. The call hours can be slow or they can be crazy busy- just depends on the babies who decide they need to be born that day. As a new midwife, I feel like l carry a lot of stress around with me and am constantly double and triple checking myself to make sure that I don’t miss anything. It is definitely a hard transition into the provider role, without a preceptor always reassuring me. All in all, I do think I have one of the coolest jobs in the world.img_3423 (Midwifery school friends at a wedding last weekend)
  2.  Running- After a week hiatus from running last week because of a nasty cold and crazy work schedule, I’m back at it. I’m still hoping that I can run a half marathon at the end of November. It will definitely not be a PR race but I haven’t ran a race in 2 years so I just want to get out there again. The fall running weather has been lovely and it feels good to be increasing my mileage. I also joined the Oiselle Volee! Anne makes it sound like such a fun group of women runners so I decided to give it a try. I’ve been looking for a way to connect with other female runners in the Chicago area so I’m hoping that this helps. Plus, it’s a further excuse to buy fun running clothes 😉
  3. Arlo- Arlo has been doing pretty well adjusting to life with a working mom again. Fortunately, we have a lady in the building who has a dog walking business and I can text her spur of the moment if needed and she can take Arlo out. Since moving to Chicago, the “little” guy has gained a bit of weight so we are now working on getting him back to a healthier size. He didn’t have the best running summer so hopefully with the fall weather, he can get back into running shape and shed a few pounds. Arlo has taken to LOVING ropes…and by loving I mean destroying. I bought four ropes from Amazon and he destroyed them in a week. So yesterday, I bought him a fancy rope at a local dog shop that was supposed to be more tightly twisted….he destroyed it in a day. Any rope recommendations?img_3424
  4. Chicago- It’s crazy that we have lived here for almost 5 months! It is great living so close to water again and I feel lucky that I can run by the lake whenever I want. If Chicago didn’t have the lake, I don’t think I could take it. City living definitely has its ups (so much to do, easy access to everything) and downs (traffic, city smells, noise, lack of green space). I still can’t say definitively if it’s for me or not. Our condo has come a long way since you’ve seen it last. Come visit!
  5. Rob- He is doing well. He works a lot some months and then has some easier weeks (ie. works 50 hours per week vs 80). Overall, I think he enjoys what he is doing.



Marathon training restart

Well February was a messy month. The first week of February I started getting pain in my right thigh when running and of course, I got worried. After having 2 previous stress fractures in my left femur, I was convinced that I had yet another stress fracture. This left me feeling so frustrated. With the encouragement of my running coach, I went to see my sports med doctor in the middle of February and he ordered an MRI. I debated not even going to this appointment because I’ve gone through this before and feel like I can self-diagnose and treat myself. But, I went. I had to wait a whole week to go see the doctor again and discuss my MRI results. In this time, my leg was feeling quite a bit better and I had picked up running but was just keeping my miles low (like 7 miles/week). By the time I went to my appointment, I was starting to wonder if I made the whole right leg pain thing up in my head. Turns out….maybe I did. There were no signs of a stress fracture in either of my femurs or my pelvis. WHAT A RELIEF. However, I was also frustrated because I just missed 3 weeks of marathon training. Thankfully, I have a running coach, who makes figuring out how to return to marathon training after a 3 week hiatus a whole lot less stressful. I did my first “long” run since the end of January (14 miler then) last weekend and clocked 8 miles. This weekend, I will run 10 and we will continue to ramp up the mileage a little faster than planned with an emphasis on “slow and steady” pacing. If things start to flare up, I might just have to sit this marathon out. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get back into the swing of things within the next few weeks and still make it through the marathon. With a bigger perspective, I’m grateful for the opportunity to keep moving forward and enjoyed increasing my yoga practice in February. Also, I keep reminding myself, that I am not defined by my physical accomplishments, and if I have to let this go, then I will.



ps- I only take pictures of Arlo these days. He says HI!

Marathon Training, Arlo, Clinic Work

Marathon Training: Not too much excitement happening around here recently, which is a good thing! I’m still working with my running coach and every week that I complete injury free amazes me (knock on wood). I’ve been feeling really great with where my training is at and how my runs have been feeling. In addition to making it through my runs, I have really been enjoying them. No marathon burn out for me yet. My friend Lindsay and I have actually decided to run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati because Lindsay can’t make it for the Nashville race. Flying Pig is only a day after the Nashville race which I was planning on so I don’t need to make any big training changes.

Arlo: Arlo’s personality comes out more and more everyday and he has become so much more comfortable over the past month that we’ve had him. Arlo has his first training class this afternoon.  While overall, he is a pretty well behaved pup, there are some things we need to work on (ie. barking meanly at other dogs when they walk by). The poor pup also has to have his back molar removed on Monday. How I love him though…it breaks my heart to think about him in his little kennel at the humane society.

Clinic: I’m plugging away at a really lovely primary care clinic this semester. No calls and daytime hours are definitely nice, although I do really miss birth and midwifery care! The transition to this clinic has been really easy and I’m grateful for the additional experience.

That’s all of the news I have for now! Off to run 14 miles 🙂

Meet Arlo

In December, I was hoping to start a blogging pattern…but that didn’t happen. Perhaps, I will make it a New Year resolution to blog weekly. But, on to more important matters….

IMG_1935 2

Arlo joined our family on December 29. We adopted him from the humane society for a whopping $45. He had been at the humane society for about 10 days before we adopted him. The poor pup was found as a “stray” so they couldn’t tell us much about him. We were a bit worried that they couldn’t tell us about his habits but he was so sweet, I couldn’t leave without him. The vet at the shelter thinks he is about 5.5 years old (they can approximately tell by looking at his teeth) and is a terrier/schnauzer mix. So far, he appears to be house broken. We are working on teaching him some basic commands and getting him to know his name. I signed up for beginners obedience training at Petsmart which will start at the end of January to help as well. His personality comes out more and more everyday; overall he has been really well behaved. Arlo does bark quite a bit when we are gone which is the biggest issue right now.

IMG_1937 2
Arlo’s favorite spot and position (he has some cat-like qualities)

I’m also hoping to get Arlo to become a better running buddy. He can only run about 2.5 miles right now….with a little walk break in the middle. The little guy needs a running program 🙂

IMG_1940 2
Arlo post run.

Stay tuned for more Arlo updates.


Mary and Arlo