The End of Year 3

Most people end and start a new year on New Years. As a teacher, we mark our years by the school calendar. I can’t believe that I have finished up year 3! It has gone by so fast! Older teachers always say that you hit the five year mark before you blink and all of the sudden it’ll be twelve years and so on. This year was my best year yet! I loved my job and the people I worked with after a rough second year. I’ll be returning to the same school in the fall and I’m excited to continue on with my students.

This summer I am teaching summer school for six weeks and nannying three days/week in the afternoons. Summer school is only half days and we have every Friday off. The reason I’m working so hard over the summer is that…I bought a mountain bike!

When Matt first convinced me to mountain bike last fall, I hated it! I was so out of shape from my foot surgery making it hard to keep up. He convinced me to give it another try and I demoed a bike in April in Fruita (western CO). I absolutely loved it! The trails were flowy and fun. Also, I am in much better shape now and was able to keep up.


After this trip, I knew I wanted to have a bike to bring along on camping trips. I didn’t want to be left behind at the trailhead! I rode another demo bike in Fort Collins a few weeks later and once again loved it. It makes me feel free and more daring than I typically would be! Matt and I started looking and found a used bike and I bought it. Hopefully I will have a lot of fun adventures on this bike in the future!


We are off to New Mexico this weekend in the camper van with friends! I am hoping to get in a few rides on my new bike along with some hikes. Who knew I would have a new hobby??! IMG_1674

Why I Love BodyPump

I joined the local 24 Hour Fitness club after training for my half marathon a year and a half ago. I joined so I could switch up my exercise, use the equipment, and possibly go to a group class. I was able to get a super sweet membership deal with my student discount (Hello Master’s Degree!) and started going regularly.

I had heard my aunt rave about BodyPump during holidays so I was excited to see that the gym had this Les Mills class. If you don’t know, BodyPump is a full body workout that utilizes light weights and  repetition. You workout each body part to a song and follow cues from the instructor. For example, you may squat for 6 minutes because that’s how long the track is. We do various types of an exercise and the music is usually upbeat and energizing. I would never push myself to do weights for that long independently.

The first time I went, I had no idea what I was doing. I grabbed a bar and two 10 pound weights for it along with my bench and some 10 pound hand weights. I was incredibly sore and shaky by the end of the hour and learned that I needed to figure out what weights I actually needed. I couldn’t use the same chest weight that I used for squats. However, I was hooked. I figured out what weights worked for me and have slowly built up from there. I go weekly and have noticed a change in my overall appearance. Before, I simply ran and did some push-ups and used my 10lb. dumbbells at home. While I was never big, BodyPump has made me feel and look so much stronger!

If there is a class near you, give it a shot! It takes a few times to really figure it out, but it’s worth it!


A Very Colorado Thanksgiving


How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I missed laying on the floor at grandma’s feet with a food baby.

This year I had planned to run a Turkey Trot as my comeback from foot surgery, but that didn’t happen. I settled for some relaxing long walks and hikes at 9,000 feet instead. One would think that the altitude doesn’t make much of a difference, but the 4,000 feet gain from Fort Collins to Summit County is certainly noticeable!  Here are a few scenes from a beautiful long weekend!

We took the sweet pup on lots of walks, checked out the views, and visited the cutest Starbucks in Breckenridge!

Now onto 2.5 more weeks of school until the next vacation can begin 🙂


– Rachel

Welcome to Cross Country Cousins!

Four Midwestern cousins, now scattered across the country.

We run cross country (and road races, and triathlons).

Every family has a unique way of keeping in touch back home. This is what we do to stay up to date with each other in our new homes in four (or more) different states. Follow along our adventures as we swim, bike, run, drink coffee, and share pictures of our pets!

~ Anne