Oiselle #birdcamp

Not to be confused with actual birds.


Oiselle is a women’s running and apparel company, owned by women, made for women, sponsoring elite female athletes. The name is a play on words of oiseau (French for bird) and elle (French female pronoun), so there’s a lot of bird-related jokes and branding.

So, Bird Camp, where all the lady runners come to play.

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“The Silence of Great Distance: Women Running Long”

I belong to a couple of different book clubs.  I feel like this makes me sound like an old lady, but at least I am a well-read old lady.  Some of the girls in my running group have started a book club, which is basically a chance for us to get together once every month or so and talk about a book we choose, and drink wine.  Oiselle also leads a long-distance book club through social media and their website.  My running club books are not always running books, but so far Oiselle’s picks have been, so it’s been a good balance.  But since reading some of these books, I’ve wanted to get my hands on more books about running.  So when I had a few days last week home from work on doctor’s orders, I filled some time reading The Silence of Great Distance by Frank Murphy.


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Why Not?

Anna Weber is a newly professional athlete who just achieved a 2:38 marathon, the Olympic Trial Qualifying B standard time, which earns her a spot on the starting line of the USA Olympic Marathon Trials in February 2016.  I really enjoy reading her blog, while she tells her story of normal grad student to putting her life on hold to train full time.

This is an excerpt from one post, when she is talking about getting a coach, or doing whatever it is you need to do to give your best effort for your sport:

“Why not?

I’m always reminded of my mom, and how she would tell me, If it’s a job worth doing, it’s a job worth doing right, whenever I would slack off on anything.

So, why be embarrassed for doing everything you can in order to excel?  I most often hear this when people say they have a coach.  Who says only “good” runners can have a coach?  The beauty of running is that EVERYONE can be good.  If having a coach gets you a PR, or an age group award, or a Boston qualifying time, or helps you stay healthy, or motivated…then why be embarrassed?  If someone is going judge you, let them.  What’s the worst that happens, besides that person looking like a fool?

On the other hand, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to be the best you can be?  Even if you will never win an award or make it to Hopkinton, why go through the torture of running only to say you didn’t do the best you could?”

Foot report: a few twinges around the ankle at a 5 out of 10 on the pain scale.  Trying to make it until Saturday the 14th until I try running.  Ran out of sports tape.  Again.

Update from Mary

Here’s a little update on my life lately: Rob and I got married a few months ago during a break between school semesters for me and during one of his free months in med school. Life didn’t slow down before and it certainly hasn’t slowed down after. Below is our glamorous look at our friends’ wedding this September.

IMG_1712I’ve been spending my fall in a small town in Kentucky completing my integration semester for nurse-midwifery school. I can’t believe I’m almost done…what an incredible whirlwind it has been. In between clinic and baby catching, I’ve managed to maintain a pretty good running and workout schedule. I’ve had so many running injuries with the last being my second femoral stress fracture this past January. Finally, in May, I was able to start slowly running again. Since then I’ve been working on building up my miles at an easy pace. I am still so determined to run a marathon and am hoping to run the Rock n’ Roll Nashville Marathon in April. Figuring out how to push myself at just the right pace to prevent injury but build up endurance and strength is something I’m struggling with. I am feeling pretty good so far but I’ve been contemplating if I should hire a running coach. Thoughts?

IMG_1727 2 Rob and I at our favorite gym class where I get a lot of cross training and strength in when I’m in Nashville.

IMG_1751 2I miss being in a bigger city but this quiet town with little traffic is starting to grow on me. Check out this beautiful running path.

Here we are!

Anne here; I don’t have a fun alliterating title like Michelle.  Always Anne? Anne of Avonlea?  Wait, that’s Anne Shirley.  I am still here in Lansing with Eben, our dog Tessie, and our cats Sammi, Sophie, and Tami.  I am a part-time student in an accelerated program at MSU for my master’s degree in social work in a clinical track.  We bought our house this summer, and spent a loooot of time destroying (Eben did that part), rebuilding most of the kitchen, and painting ev.er.y.thing.  I am still working full-time through all of this, social working like I do.  Eben has a license in something mechanical (auto alignment technician?  auto service?) and is working on a certificate in civil technologies.


Sophie, 8-ish years old, Tami’s mommy


Tami, 4-ish years old.  They were found 3 years ago by local cat rescue, lived semi-feral until May of this year, we brought them home in September. Oh yeah, the band aid on my hand is from Sophie biting me when Tessie scared her, and now I have antibiotics.  #catladyproblems

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